SIAM OHYAMA CO., LTD. is a Thai corporation that is fully owned by a Japanese company.
It was established in 2015 in the Kingdom of Thailand.
We are a wholesale importer and trading company that specializes in cosmetics.
Our focus is on importing and distributing high-quality Japanese products to customers in Thailand.

Investment ratio: OAT Holdings Corporation (98%), Oyama Corporation (1%), International Cosmetics Corporation (1%)

“Have you considered selling Japanese cosmetics?
It could be a valuable addition to your store.”

Our main business is to import and legally distribute high-quality Japanese products at wholesale prices to customers in Thailand.
We supply each product to your store at a wholesale price.

Please visit our official store below to view our products.

One of the biggest advantages of using our services is…

One-stop import from Japan

Ordering products from Japan and importing them to Thailand can be a complicated process due to various factors such as trade regulations, cultural differences, customs, import licensing, and quality regulations. It is also important to consider language and business practices, logistics during transit, and the complexity of customs procedures. However, by choosing to work with our company, you can avoid these complexities and simplify the entire process. We offer a one-stop solution for importing products from Japan to Thailand, making it easier for customers to place their orders with us.

All imported products must be registered with the FDA.

Are you looking to import and sell legally in Thailand?
We’ve got you covered! Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all legal requirements are met so you can confidently do business.
We’re constantly striving to improve product quality through rigorous quality audits. You can trust us to help you succeed in the Thai market.
It also facilitates access to the Thai market and business growth. At the same time,
it communicates product reliability to consumers and increases their trust.
And it reduces legal risk by ensuring that products comply with regulations. Make sure your imported products are registered with the FDA.

FDA Registration
This is the process for meeting regulatory compliance requirements to sell products such as pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics in Thailand.

The Economic Partnership Agreement between Japan and Thailand reduces tariffs to 0% if origin conditions are met.

Customs clearance
When importing products from Japan, customs duties must be paid, documents submitted, and inspections completed.

Domestic Delivery
Upon arrival in Japan, we will deliver your package to the specified warehouse after clearing customs.

Company Profile


Company nameSIAM OHYAMA CO., LTD.
Representative NameYoshitsugu Saito
Date of registrationJan/2015
Address71 1Fl Sukhumvit 66/1, North Bangna, Bangna
Bangkok 10260 Thailand (JP) (TH, EN)
Our BusinessImport, wholesale sales, trade operations, market research,
FDA registration application, EPA application, product management,
agent import & shipment, product management, etc. of cosmetics,
daily sundries, and other products to Thailand
clientDONDON DONKI, Tsuruha(THAILAND), Central & Matsumotokiyoshi,
Lazada, Shopee, JETRO Bangkok, Japan Finance Corporation,
Bangkok Office of Regional Banks,
Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Promotion Agency, etc.